Great management made simple

Motivii helps managers lead their team with super simple tools for improving feedback, engagement & performance.


Feedback when it matters

At the end of each week employees instinctively capture how they’re doing, what they’re working on next, and answer a few anonymous questions about work.

This helps employees manage themselves better and saves managers time chasing feedback, helping them kickstart each week and improve things quicker.

Over time, this process helps everyone think more about how they’re doing at work and keep what’s most important front-of-mind.

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Develop your people

Motivii encourages each employee to better manage their own development with objectives and dynamic reviews.

We remind employees of their long-term objectives each week, helping them understand how their short-term goals tie into longer-term objectives.

Then when it’s time for their review, we help them prepare with insight gathered from weekly updates, helping make their development conversation more meaningful.

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Engage your teams

People are your greatest asset, but with so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up with how they’re doing.

With Motivii, managers can track their team’s engagement, motivation and answers each week, so they can make quick changes and better understand long-term trends.

You’ll get the best out of your teams by understanding what matters most to them.

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Built for Managers & People Leaders

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