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Save time chasing updates

We replace inefficient manual processes with smart, regular updates from your team.

Quick Updates

Understand your team better

Scan rich data on how teams feel at work over time to understand how key processes can be improved.

Engagement Scores

Enable smarter feedback

Encourage employees to share what matters most to them with self-directed achievements and challenges.


Keep performance on track

Track your team's progress, focus and attitude to work with a weekly two-minute update.

Weekly Update

Improve focus & wellbeing

Know when employees require support, boost engagement, and retain top talent.

Focus and Motivation

Capture notes and actions

Quickly capture meeting notes & team actions for future reference.

One To One

There’s a smarter way to manage your team.

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"Motivii's update surfaced that slow WiFi speeds had been bothering people in the office. We immediately called our provider and got our bandwidth extended."
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