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Two Products in One

Motivii is a feedback and performance tool to help managers get the best from their team.

Plus, it’s a people analytics platform for company-wide insight.

Tools for Managers & their Teams

Updates from your team:

See how your team's week has gone

Highlights, Challenges, Key Priorities

Automatic engagement questions

Objective tracking

Get fast feedback:

View & comment on your team's updates

Your team share updates with each other

Get feedback via email or Slack

360 team feedback

Insight to help you lead:

View Team Engagement, Answers, Motivation, Word Clouds, and more

Benchmarked scores

Quarterly Reviews driven by employee insight

Manager tips and guides

Tools for HR & People Leaders

Understand your people better:

Real-time People Analytics dashboard

Insight by team, division & custom group

Engagement, Motivation, Sentiment, Answers & more

Global & Company benchmarks

Custom access for your business:

Company-wide admin controls

Add Company goals & values

Add Engagement Questions

Quarterly People Reports

Custom People Analytics

The best technology & support:

Dedicated Account Manager

In person Launch & Training

Consulting on insights & next steps

In-line support & help guides


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We charge a single low price per employee, and we also give you 30 days free to trial the platform and all of the above features.

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“Motivii has enabled me to replace weekly meetings with monthly catch-ups and save 3½ hours per week.”

James Patterson, VP, Cable Entertainment Technology, NBCUniversal