Motivii is super simple to launch

It’s really easy to get Motivii up-and-running at your company with our five-step launch plan.

Our customer support will help your teams get started with Motivii, learn how to use our engagement & performance tools, and get everyone into the rhythm of giving feedback.

We also run additional in-person launches, training, and Q&A sessions to help employees get the best from our tools.


We plan your launch

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to launching Motivii.

Each business has different challenges, so we take the time to understand where Motivii can make the biggest impact in the quickest time.

This helps us put together a launch plan that gets ensures your teams are getting the best from Motivii from day one.


We launch your company

As part of our launch, we’ll tell your teams everything they need to know to get started with Motivii, answers any questions they might have, and motivates them to use the platform for themselves.

We prefer to do launch sessions in person, but we do lots of video launches too!

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We invite your teams to join

As soon as we’ve finished the launch session, we’ll send out an email to all employees that invites them to sign up to Motivii.

It takes less than a minute for employees to sign up, and once they have, they’ll be completely set up to use Motivii.

And that’s all there is to it!


Everyone does their update

Motivii automatically reminds all employees to do their update at the end of the week via email reminders.

Your employees don’t need to log in, they just follow the link in these reminders to add their highlights, challenges & key priorities, and answer our weekly pulse questions.

This takes just a few minutes, and helps teams review the week & prepare for the week ahead.

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5. Launch.001.jpeg

Kickstart the week

On Monday morning at 8am, everyone automatically receives an email summary of last week’s updates.

This helps your teams go into their weekly meetings fully prepared, and better understand what everyone’s working on for the week ahead.

Managers also know how their teams are feeling, and where employees might need more support.


Built for Managers & People Leaders

Book a demo to see how Motivii can improve engagement and performance at your company.