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Motivate your teams

Motivii’s Weekly Update encourages employees to manage themselves better and give important feedback to their manager. This helps managers understand and motivate their team.

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Motivii’s Weekly Update saves me 3½ hours per week gathering feedback from my team.
— James Patterson, VP, Cable Entertainment Technology, NBCUniversal

Improve communication

Motivii helps managers know how their teams are doing, what they’re working on, and what conversations they should be having have with their team.

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Sharing the Motivii summary across the team is a great way of connecting with where everyone is
— Joe Voeckler, Head of Executive Recruitment, GSK

Understand your teams better

Managers and people leaders view rich insight on how their teams feel over time, so they can make quick & meaningful changes.

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I can think of several times this year that Motivii has made me a better manager.
— Harry Matthews, Head of Conversion Marketing at Lloyds Bank

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