Team Insight

The Motivii Update powers rich weekly insight on how teams are doing over time. View weekly motivation, engagement and answers to questions about work that’ll help you lead.


How this helps teams

Motivii gives individuals a dashboard with their own insight to help them understand how they’re doing at work.

At an any time employees can access weekly insight on how their motivation and engagement changes over time.

By reflecting on how they’re doing at work, employees become more mindful about their attitude to work, and take more responsibility for making changes.

To support employees’ personal development, inline tips from HR & workplace experts give them tailored pointers to improve.


“Motivii's weekly update has helped us build a culture which encourages people to share how they feel and give feedback.”

Andy Cockburn, co-founder & CEO at Mention Me


How this helps managers

With so much to do, it can be difficult for managers to know how their teams are getting on.

We provide a central dashboard for managers to check up on their team’s outlook.

From motivation & engagement to answers to custom questions, managers can track longer-term trends and make short-term changes when they matter most.

All insight is gathered automatically by the Weekly Update, so there’s no need to manually collect and store feedback from your team.


“Using Motivii is a great way to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to how our employees are feeling at work.”

Mapara Syed Fernandez, Head of People and Culture at Talon Outdoor


How this helps companies

Motivii helps improve engagement and performance by giving everyone at a company the insights they need to lead their team and manage themself better.

Employees and managers can better understand how they’re doing at work by looking back at their motivation and engagement over time.

Meanwhile, Motivii’s inline tips help improve accountability and encourage employees to improve their results, which drives accountability and positive behaviour change.

For more advanced Analytics see People Analytics.


“Motivii has been a powerful tool for our organization during at time of hyper-growth.”

Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media


Built for Managers & People Leaders

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