People Analytics

People Analytics is an exclusive tool for enterprise clients. For a demo on how to unlock motivation, engagement, sentiment & more at your company, get in touch at


Make a difference with Analytics

Measuring your company’s culture from week-to-week is now an essential part of running a people department.

Track motivation, engagement, sentiment and other measures over time to view trends, push for improvements and make quick changes to mitigate declines.

All the data is benchmarked to our Global Average to give you an indication of what you should expect, and our customer success manager is always on hand to talk through the findings & suggest changes.

You’ll quickly understand what’s most important to your company, and introduce initiatives that will have the most impact on the wider business.


“Since we began using Motivii, we’ve seen a 15-point improvement to our net promoter scores and an 8% improvement to our engagement score.”

Matt Elliott, Project Manager, RBS


Custom reports for unique companies

With Motivii, people leaders can run group or division analysis to see how different parts of the business feel about the employer brand, their working conditions, and much more.

Additionally, with the ability to ask custom questions alongside our automatic questions, it’s never been easier to track how employees feel about specific events or initiatives, and get their direct feedback on company-wide decisions.

All this insight is automatically gathered by the Motivii Update each week, so you’ll never have to send out a survey again.


“Motivii has been a powerful tool for our company at a time of hyper-growth.”

Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media


We champion the People Department

It’s time that people leaders had access to insights that speak directly to their company’s health and growth potential.

That’s why we put together a detailed People Report each quarter, along with offline analytics that are easy to share and present.

By outlining the most important findings from the quarter, along with contextual evidence for their significance, we help people leaders confidently talk through their company’s key success factors, and work on a plan for improvement.


Built for Managers & People Leaders

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