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Motivii’s feedback and performance tools help managers lead their team, and help people leaders track engagement, motivation & more.


Weekly Update

The Update quickly captures employees’ highlights and challenges for the week, key priorities for the following week, and asks a few anonymous questions about how people are feeling at work.

It takes just a few minutes at the end of each week for employees to complete their update. Then to help kickstart the week, on Monday, managers & their team are sent a summary of last week’s updates.

This process helps employees think about how they’re doing at work, and gives managers the info they need to focus their team on what matters most.

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Objective Management

All employees can enter and update their objectives in a clear, easy-to-understand way that aligns to company-wide goals & keeps their manager in the know.

By reminding employees of their objectives when they matter most, Motivii helps keeps short-term tasks relevant to long-term goals.

Aligning objectives to company-wide goals also means that no one loses sight of the bigger picture.

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Team Insight

Every manager gets access to their own dashboard, where they can see weekly insight on how their team is doing. View valuable insight including motivation, engagement, answers to questions & more.

Team insight, including motivation, engagement, and answers to questions help managers understand where they can have the most impact.

Meanwhile, contextual tips help managers apply what they’ve learned and become more effective leaders.

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Dynamic Reviews

Employees prepare for reviews in a simple flow that surfaces insight from weekly updates. This background helps managers & their teams have more productive development conversations.

That’s why Motivii encourages managers and their teams to prepare for their review by looking back at their progress, and their own attitude to work.

By deciding on the structure of the Review ahead of time, managers and their teams have more productive and rewarding development conversations.

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360 Feedback

Give & gather feedback in a simple and secure way. Ask classic 360 questions with our templates or build your own custom survey.

Ask classic 360 questions with our templates, or build your own survey with questions that you decide.

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People Analytics

Scan rich, anonymous data on how people feel across your company, customise your own pulse questions, and change other parts of the Motivii experience to suit the way your company works.

With weekly insights on engagement, motivation, and answers to questions, people leaders have everything they need to understand how teams feel at their company.

Additional People Analytics reports help people leaders view how their company culture changes over time.

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