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Who should use Motivii

Motivii for Employees

Motivii has been created to help employees improve their own motivation, communicate more effectively with their teams and answer anonymous questions. By then aggregating data, we can help your organisation improve working conditions and employee engagement.

Motivii is here to help understand and improve your own motivation and communicate more effectively with your team
  • Record how motivated you are at any time. Use notes to build a fuller picture of your motivation.
  • Understand what affects your motivation plus how to improve it.
  • Communicate with your team by entering your weekly Top3 report - it just takes 2 minutes.
  • Feed back by anonymously answering key questions relevant to your organisation.

Motivii for Managers

Motivii offers managers fast feedback on how their teams feel, while at the same time helping quantify the effect that they are making as a manager.

  • Understand their team better
  • Improve team performance
  • Support employees who need help and advice
  • Save time receive automatic weekly team reports
  • Become a better manager learn what makes a difference to their team

Motivii for Organisations

Motivii delivers analytics that helps organisations understand how people feel and a platform that encourages all employees to work better. Instead of just relying on the annual staff survey or anecdotal ad hoc feedback, Motivii delivers sophisticated web analytics that give real-time insights on the motivation and engagement of the workforce.

  • Identify how each part of the organisation feels
  • Track how sentiment changes over time
  • Ask weekly questions for employees to answer

Why motivation?

Motivation is the fuel that allows us to do things, from getting out of bed in the morning to climbing the highest mountains. Without motivation we cannot do or achieve anything. At Motivii we want to help you achieve great things, and the first step towards helping you do this is to measure your motivation. By measuring your motivation over time we can then feed back insights to you, helping you better understand yourself. Importantly, by aggregating your motivation recordings with the people you work with, we are able to help your organisation understand what things they can do to boost the motivation of where you work. e.g. if we can see the organisation’s motivation improve when you have an away day, team event or install a beer fridge, we know these things are having a positive feedback… and importantly by how much.

You measure your motivation using the ‘Motivii motivation gauge’. Essentially you record your motivation out of 100%. It is up to you how you want to interpret the gauge, some people think of their average motivation as being in the middle of the range other people put their average motivation much higher. It does not matter if your motivation average or range is different to other people as we never compare people's exact motivation with each other. What is important is that you think about what average, and range, makes sense to you.
This is totally up to you. We find that that people generally record their motivation in extremes - either when things are going really well or not! In these examples people quite often will also leave themselves a note about the cause.
The more you record the more insight you can see. This is accessible on both iOS and Android apps as well as by logging into
No, only you can ever see your own motivation.

Registering for Motivii


You need to receive an invite from your manager or organisation in order to use Motivii Once you receive this invite via email you will be taken to the site in order to register. If you would like your company to use Motivii please email us at

Signing up on the site

Clicking on the email invite will take you to the Motivii signup page, you will then need to follow the signup process which should only take a few minutes.

Go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone and enter Motivii. Alternatively click on the link below or just type it into your browser from your phone:

Once you have downloaded the app, enter your email address and your password (which you created when you signed up to Motivii) and you're ready to go.

If you do have a different device (e.g. Windows or Blackberry) or you don't have a smartphone, you can record your motivation and Top3 by logging into the site. However, we would always recommend using the apps as it will give you more freedom to use Motivii away from your desk.

Motivii admin

To change or reset your password, simply go to “Your Setup” in your website dashboard and click to “Reset password”.

If you’ve recently moved teams, just ask your new manager to request a Motivii team transfer by emailing

If you’re part of a company that has committed internally to using Motivii, we can’t cancel your account without your manager’s permission. But you can, of course, stop using the app itself.

If you’re leaving your current company and want to cancel your account, please email us at Don’t forget that if you’re leaving your current company, you can simply unlink your data from your current employer but keep using the app itself. When you join a new team which also uses Motivii, you’ll simply link back in.

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