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"Motivii has helped us become more aware of what our colleagues are working on. That enabled different teams to collaborate, which in turn led to a quick series of client wins for REaD."
REaD Group

“Motivii delivers real benefits in terms of performance management & wellbeing.”

“I love the Monday morning update I get sent on my team.”

“This will transform my business as I had no idea what was going on.”

"Motivii is a great way to check the temperature on how teams are feeling and receive regular updates"

“I can think of several times this year that Motivii has made me a better manager.”

"Everything has been working incredibly well! You have an awesome product.”

"Motivii's update surfaced that slow WiFi speeds had been bothering people in the office. We immediately called our provider and got our bandwidth extended."
Just Media

An employee used the update to note that she had difficulty with her eyesight. We booked her an eye test which led to her getting glasses.”

"Motivii has been a powerful tool for our company during a time of hyper-growth."

"We LOVE using motivii, as we have a geographically spread so it allows us to share our highs and lows in a really easy way."

“Motivii has changed the way we communicate as a team on a weekly basis.”

“I really like it and it is useful to have a record of each week. Motivii makes prepping for 1:1 meetings is much easier.”

"Motivii has enabled me to replace weekly meetings with monthly catch-ups and save 3½ hours per week."
Major media company VP

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