NBCUniversal VP saves 3½ hours each week with Motivii

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Strapped for time but in charge of a growing division, a VP at a global media and entertainment company wanted to reduce the frequency of team meetings while keeping his team motivated to work to common objectives. 

With new hires joining the company, being able to offer support and guidance without frequent catch-ups seemed unlikely.  

But armed with Motivii’s manager tools, the VP chose to take on the improbable

Nearly a year later, we caught up with him. Even though his team continues to grow, Motivii has enabled the VP to replace weekly meetings with monthly catch-ups and save 3½ hours per week. 

“Although my organisation has grown a lot, Motivii helps me keep the personal touch with new recruits and check in with those I’ve been working with for a while,” he said. “My general day is back-to-back meetings, so otherwise it’s really difficult to keep track of what everyone’s up to.” 

By receiving automated updates of employees’ challenges, achievements and focuses, the VP was able to keep up with 15 employees, and send encouragement or guidance whenever it was needed. Likewise, his reports used the tool to track the progress of their own teams. 

“Motivii quickly proved it was more than just another tool which people are reluctant to use.

"Within a couple of weeks it became the natural way for my team to keep me up to date, and they still enjoy sharing their top three weekly achievements, challenges and key priorities,” he said. 

“That works for me too, because I don’t have to chase them for an update.”

The VP gave an instance where one of his team members had used Motivii to outline a delay to a project’s delivery. Although that person was away for the week, the rest of the team could quickly pick up on the insights and push the project to completion in their absence. 

He added: “On Monday morning, Motivii’s Weekly Update helps my team reflect on the previous week and collectively outline our focus for the week ahead. We still have team meetings and one-to-ones, but they don’t happen as often. When they do, Motivii provides a shared agenda to keep them short and sweet,” he said. 

For the wider department, Motivii tracked broad trends in employees’ motivation levels with its people analytics platform.

The company then used Motivii to send out quick-fire questions at the end of the week to find out how it could improve the work environment. 

“Motivii is not as formal as other ways of communicating online. That’s what makes it so easy to use, and that’s why teams like it so much,” he explained.

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