Just Media turns to Motivii for in the moment employee feedback

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What’s the point in reviewing an employee’s progress at work if your data’s out of date?

That’s the view taken by Brandon Friesen, President at Just Media, a San Francisco-based media agency that started using Motivii to support their employees by enabling them to continuously feedback on their experience at work. 

"Managers are helped to ensure their teams are engaged, motivated and on target to complete tasks from day-to-day." 

A year after Motivii launched with Just Media, we quizzed Brandon to find out more about how he’s getting on with the platform. 

“Rather than replace biannual reviews, which are still an important part of our company, Motivii enables weekly feedback to help our managers fill the gaps between these more formal touch points,” Brandon said. 

Although Brandon was initially cautious to introduce any platform in case it limited face-to-face interaction, he found Motivii’s Weekly Update actually improved how Just Media held reviews and development conversations.

 “Instead of reducing the number of meetings we have, our meetings are more focused and we cover more important points. Motivii’s team-wide updates surface the most relevant topics for discussion, and give data on how individuals and activities are progressing over time. 

“Our HR department also really benefits from having an overview of employee motivation and engagement across the organisation,” he said. 

Brandon noted that Motivii has given employees a platform to comment on things that management might not have considered, and may not have otherwise been brought up.

 “Slow WiFi speeds in the office had been bothering people for a while,” Brandon said. “I didn’t know this, but it came up on a couple of occasions on Motivii’s Weekly Update, so we called the provider straight away and got our bandwidth extended.” 

Brandon added: “Motivii’s Weekly Update works because it’s informal. It doesn’t make people feel like they’re complaining, or as though they have to disrupt a meeting or write an email to update managers on their progress. 

“By listing achievements, challenges and focuses for the past week, managers and colleagues can easily let their teams know what’s going on.”

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