How does Motivii help teams grow? Q&A with Charly Education

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Why did you decide to use Motivii ?

Charly Education has been growing fast over the last 24 months. We started with three people, and now we’re working with a team of over 40 people in two locations.

We needed a tool to let us know how our people are doing, and help us keep track of everyone’s key priorities. We figured that a tool that did both would help employees organise themselves better.


What support did you get introducing Motivii to your company?

We received a great onboarding call by Alan, our dedicated client success manager. During the call, Alan took the whole team through Motivii and answered any questions the team had about the platform.


How long was it before you began to see the benefit of using Motivii?

Within two weeks of signing up to Motivii, everyone was using the platform regularly. To keep usage high, our management team led by example and used Motivii themselves. We also gathered feedback from employees after several weeks of using Motivii, to ensure everyone saw the value in using the tool. The feedback was clear: the majority of employees at Charly saw the benefit of using Motivii.


When were the insights from Motivii most helpful?

On one occasion spirits were low in one of our departments and the management team wasn’t aware of it. When we checked the team’s Motivii stats, we saw that engagement and motivation had seen a significant drop. After speaking to people on the team, we saw that the team feeling seen in the answers to Motivii pulse questions gave us the background we needed to resolve the problem.


What was the benefit of using Motivii as a direct report?

Motivii helps non-managers at Charly organise their work better, plan their week ahead and review each week’s little wins.


What do managers get from using Motivii?

Motivii gives managers clarity of what everyone on their team is working on from week-to-week. The pulse questions that are asked as part of each update also serve as a great barometer for weekly team feeling.


How do managers use Motivii to help their employees’ development?

Motivii’s weekly updates were the foundation for monthly catch-ups between managers and employees. Understanding direct reports’ highlights, challenges & key priorities each week provided the background managers needed to help employees progress at Charly.


At a company level, what were the most useful insights provided by Motivii?

The quarterly Engagement Scores Motivii produces for each team were the most useful insight Motivii provides. These are powered by the questions Motivii asks about employees’ experience of work each quarter, and are built by different factors, including employees’ wellbeing, how they feel about their team, and their development at work.


What behavioural impact did you see throughout your company when Motivii was introduced?

Shortly after introducing Motivii, we noticed that our staff got much better at planning their work, and so hit more of their deadlines. As well as helping employees prioritise their work each week, Motivii helped managers and their teams communicate more, and plan projects’ timescales in a more collaborative way.