Five questions you need to ask new employees


Do you remember walking into your office on day 1 of the job? What were the first few encounters like with your manager?

Did you walk away feeling that they cared about you or that they were too busy to focus on your needs, leaving you looking somewhere else to find support in the company? 

First impressions are important, so make them count

I’ve seen great managers who truly take the time to help their direct reports develop, and put in the energy to create a dynamic team culture that leads to high performance. I’ve also seen managers that are so busy that they either don’t have time to ask new employees questions or don’t see it as their role to support their team. Instead they focus on managing upwards to their superiors.

What is important to you? Everyone wants to feel connected to their team and also to their manager to have a deeper connection with them and also the wider company. When someone is not connected with their manager they can feel alienated and frustrated. Of course, we all know what that means - it's time to move on.

You may think that work is all professional, but your management style needs to be a blend of both professional and personal. It's becoming very clear that bringing your ‘whole' self to work is critical to your overall happiness and career fulfilment, as opposed to assuming different personas for work and for home.

So how can you develop your relationship with your team? It's simple, really. Ask your new employees these five questions!

1. What inspired you to join us?

Start with a simple question asking what driving factors brought them to the company. It will help you better understand their motivations and underlying personality.

Understand what drives someone and you can better engage and direct them to the right projects & activities. A motivated employee is a productive employee. 

2. What are your career aspirations and where did your last manager leave off with you?

People are staying in their jobs for shorter periods of time. If you can understand what their career aspirations are you can make their experience working with you and the company that more rewarding.There is no guarantee they will stay, however, even if they don't they could be a future customer and a brand advocate of your company with friends and family. Make their time enjoyable and they will pay it forward. Pick up where their last manager left off and address what they didn't. 

3. What are you an expert in that you can teach others on the team?

Everyone is great at something and people thrive and feel best when they are empowered to share that experience and enable others. Find out what your employee is good at and share that experience openly with others on the team.Knowledge sharing is a critical success factor for productive teams. 

4. How can I help you be successful?

Sharing that you care and asking directly how you can help them creates an automatic connection with you and your team. It also empowers the person to communicate leaving you without the headache of having to read minds.Be proactive, not reactive. Small actions go a long way in keeping your team motivated and empowered. 

5. When are you happiest when you are not at work?

Understanding what makes your team happy is fundamental in understanding more about them on a personal level. This creates rapport with your team and will help you shape future ways of interacting with them both in and outside the office.Play to your employees' happiness factors. Find common themes that you can celebrate across the whole team.Hopefully asking these five questions to your new employees, you'll have laid the groundwork for a great relationship.

By Eamon Tuhami

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