Motivii is a quicker, simpler alternative to 15Five

15Five have built a fantastic tool for weekly check-ins, performance management, and engagement analytics. And so have we.

Here’s why Motivii might be a better alternative for your organisation.


Using Motivii as a 15Five alternative

Here’s how Motivii compares to 15Five’s core features. Motivii will beat the price of any 15Five quote.

15five alternative

Faster than 15Five

With 15Five, employees update their manager with how they’re doing each week, what they’re planning to work on next week, and answer some questions about work.

With Motivii, employees do much the same.

However, rather than take fifteen minutes from each employee at the end of each week to update their manager, like 15Five requires, Motivii asks each employee for just two minutes.

We’ve made Motivii so simple to use that giving feedback is lightning-fast.

Simpler than 15Five

15Five requires users to log OKRs, an objective-management process typically used by technology teams to help track progress.

Like OKRs, Motivii allows users to add in objectives that are aligned to company goals or values, but there is no requirement to do this.

This means that companies and teams that don’t currently use objectives, or don’t plan to use traditional OKRs, will find Motivii much simpler to use.

Rather than focus on numerical targets with fiddly completion metrics and company controls, Motivii instead focuses on the reasons behind performance.


Better value than 15Five

15Five is a well-priced tool for teams and enterprises.

However, we’ll beat the price of 15Five every time, so you’ll be sure to get an amazing engagement and performance tool for an amazing price.

Whether you’re a team of five or a company of 500, we’ll offer the best tools for the best value.

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